Properties For Sale in East Cleveland

Available MPD1794
6 Bed Terraced
'Claremont' Albion Terrace, Saltburn
Under Offer MPD1646
6 Bed Detached
Victoria Terrace, Saltburn
Available MPD1601
5 Bed Detached
Greta Street, Saltburn
Available MPD1684
5 Bed Semi-Detached
Guisborough Road, Saltburn
Available MPD1757
5 Bed Detached
Cherry Tree House, Boosbeck
Under Offer MPD1896
6 Bed Semi-Detached
Marske Mill Lane, Saltburn
4 Bed Semi-Detached
Victoria Road, Saltburn
Available MPD1965
4 Bed Detached
Upleatham Street, Saltburn by the Sea
Available MPD1812
5 Bed Semi-Detached
The Barns, Hummersea
Available MPD1412
4 Bed Bungalow
Princes Road, Saltburn by the Sea
Under Offer MPD1954
4 Bed Detached
Marske Mill Lane, Saltburn
Available MPD1989
3 Bed Cottage
Boulby Cottages, Boulby